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I just finished watching the 11/5/07 episode. I've watched 21 eps… - No shame in loving soaps! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
No shame in loving soaps!

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[Dec. 29th, 2007|07:22 pm]
No shame in loving soaps!


I just finished watching the 11/5/07 episode. I've watched 21 eps since yesterday afternoon and my brain is mush. I can't seem to stop watching them, yet I'm so annoyed by much of what I'm seeing. So much for the "glee" part. Phillip is an ass, Shawn is a whiny baby, and Belle is equally horrible and deserves them both. I hate Hope's haircut. I am bothered by the fact that Kayla and Steve still live in a hotel and yet Kayla somehow has a box of Stephanie's old baby clothes to give Hope for Sierra - has she ever really done anything with her house full of stuff in CA or wherever she'd been living prior to Steve's return? I'm glad to have been away from the sorority house for a bit, at least. And yes, Marlena, EJ needs some killing. Sami - listen to your family - they are smart - at least about the DiMeras. It's been fun whizzing past all the Halloween commercials, and now we're in NBC's green week. I can't wait to relive all the Xmas commercials. Well, back to it. I'm looking forward to seeing what Serial Drama has to say about all of this.

ETA: I decided to catch up on SD before diving back in - that site makes me laugh so hard my sides hurt! I love how they harp on everyone's hair.

EATA: OK - here's some glee - I'm totally loving the wedding and aftermath!!! The ep from 11/9 has been awesome! It's getting late, but I think I have to dive in to another week.