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All My Children brings back three favorites [Dec. 15th, 2007|06:39 pm]
No shame in loving soaps!


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All My Children is bringing back three fan favorites as the ship keeps sinking show tries to woo back viewers.

Debbie Morgan and Darnell Williams will be back. Morgan will be playing Angie Baxter-Hubbard. Williams will, supposedly, be playing Jesse Hubbard, Angie's first husband. This will be interesting since Jesse not only has been dead for nearly twenty years but he's been back as an angel guiding Tad Martin through hard times and bringing Gillian Andrassy to heaven. Angie married a Jesse look-a-like named Jake (and who was played by Darnell Williams) when her character was moved to Loving/The City. ABC is promoting that Angie and Jesse are back so I guess Jesse was only mostly dead in Pine Valley.

The big news this week was that Sabine Singh has been let go after six months of butchering playing Greenlee and Rebecca Budig, the original Greenlee, is returning. I think Sabine Singh has been awful from day one as Greenlee and I'm not sorry to see her leave but does ABC Daytime have to put up a graphic on their website that reads "The Real Greenlee Is Back on AMC"? So what, the last six months we were watching the faux Greenlee? Can I get my money back for being so cruelly deceived? And could that be meaner to poor Sabine Singh, who stunk but was obviously trying her best. Mallory at Serial Drama is as mortified as I am and she's probably the only person more down on the show than I am (and a rant on that is coming. After making a small rally this summer, AMC is just awful now).

Morgan, Williams and Budig all return January 16th. The good parts of the show, however, have been gone for a very long time.

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[User Picture]From: k2daisy
2007-12-15 11:47 pm (UTC)
Funny, I was just reading about this on Serial Drama! Classless, thy name is AMC.

I loved the Jesse/Angie story, but...he's dead. He's been dead for a very long time. AMC has been trying to undo their very big mistake (killing Jesse) for years now, and it never works.

I think the kid who played their son on Loving is on Numb3rs now. I'm pretty sure that's where I recognize him from.
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[User Picture]From: kirbyfest
2007-12-16 12:47 am (UTC)
Budig looks too much like the actress who plays boring Annie. I could never keep them straight. And I didn't bother to try; I don't even watch AMC on SoapNet in the morning any more while I get ready for work. It's just not worth it.

ABC daytime seems to be sucking across the board.
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[User Picture]From: suzanne_laura
2007-12-17 03:38 am (UTC)
How strange - just yesterday (I have no idea why) the scene from The City when Angie met Jake and examined him popped into my head!

Also, I love Rebecca Budig, but unless they also bring back Vincent Irrizary, Finola Hughes and Josh Duhamel, I won't be tuning back in.
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